Ichkeul: The Sanctuary for Migratory Waterbirds – TEST TOUR

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When: 14-19 February 2016
Where: Ichkeul National Park
Hihglights: Ichkeul National Park
enjoy this unique Tunsian birdwatching tour with wonderful local experiences, bringing together like-minded people who have skills and enjoy to share

Hiking the Rift Valley Mountains: Dana to Petra – TEST TOUR

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When: 11-17th November 2015
Where: Dana Protected Area & Petra

Wadi Rum Jordan – TEST TOUR

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When: 6th-10th November 2015
Where: Wadi Rum Protected Area
Hike and ride camels through a landscape of stone, sand and narrow canyons, characterised by an ever-changing palette of ochre, pinks and reds. Etch magical moments forever in your memory.

Majjistral Nature & History Park, Malta (TEST TOUR)

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When: 5th-10th October 2015
Where: Il Majjistral Nature & History Park, Malta
Highlights: Retrace 20,000 years of history that shaped nature and culture on the inspiring Mediterranean island of Malta. Engage in a myriad of hands on activity on 3 different islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino, that will bring you closer to nature and get you to contribute to the conservation of protected areas that are home to various endemic species found only in the Maltese Islands. Camp throughout the 7 day journey and explore nature with the least possible environmental impact through horse-riding, cycling, trekking and explore the sea surrounding the islands onboard traditional fishing boats and its rich marine life through guided snorkelling tours.