Tasting the seaside of Provence at Port-Cros National Park

Welcome to Port-Cros National Park

We sincerely appreciate your participation on this test tour. Please enjoy your visit to Port-Cros National Park and use this page as a guide and reference with all the practical information you might need during your stay. Thank you!

“Tasting the seaside of Provence” is 5 days of slow-travelling in Port-Cros National Park to experience the culture and nature of the South of France. Port- Cros is the oldest marine park in the Mediterranean Sea, and contains pristine marine and terrestrial environments.

Walk through charming villages. Discover changing landscapes while cycling along the Mediterranean coast. Let a local guide lead you to the fantastic island of Porquerolles on sea kayaks crossing crystal-clear waters, returning on a vintage wooden sailboat. Learn about the Park’s Mediterranean plants and wildlife and visit historic monuments and archeological sites.

Become a local: play pétanque -a traditional local ball game; prepare your own tapenade (a spread made from olives) while enjoying a glass of rosé. Spend some time with local fishermen and traditional winemakers. Try the unique food of Provence in family-owned restaurants. Stay in small, local hotels with lovely flowered terraces.

By participating in this tour you will be part of the development of a new sustainable travel concept, a small group, supporting the National Park and benefiting the local communities… away from mass-tourism destinations.

Port-Cros National Park: The Protected Area


The main objective of the Port-Cros National Park protected area is to develop an integrated strategy in order to settle an Eco-Tourism Development Model for the Mediterranean Protected Areas that boosts a better seasonal distribution of tourism flows, starting from the “European Charter for Sustainable Tourism” approach, through the establishment of a network among Protected Areas.

Port-Cros is a terrestrial and marine National Park located in the South-East of France. The Park was established in 1963 and is managed by the National Park of Port-Cros, which is a public administrative institution. This is one of the oldest National Parks in France and the first Marine Park in Europe.

With an exceptional marine and terrestrial biodiversity and a great landscape diversity, the park attracts millions of tourists every year who come to explore its underwater world, its beaches and its blissful bays. Having celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013, the Park clearly demonstrates that protection and well-managed tourism can preserve and restore ecosystems while providing local communities with substantial economic benefits.

The Park is designated as a National Park, Pelagos Sanctuary and Natura 2000 Site and covers 25.787 ha of land and 123.900 ha at sea.


Before you depart, please, take the time to take this considerations into account:

Visa requirements

No Visa for France if you come from Italy, Spain and Germany. Please check the information with the French Embassy in your contry as well as the validity of your passport or ID.

Currency in France (and all the European Union) is EuroGoogle Currency Converter

Weather Conditions
Expected weather conditions: 12°/15° in the morning, 22°/25° in the afternoon. Minimal 8° – maximal 18° (according the temperature average). Weather conditions could be very windy at this period. Forecast by Weather.com

Clothing tips
Appropriate clothing and other suggested equipment include: spring clothes, comfortable sport shoes, cap, sunglasses, swimsuit, warm jacket at night, light rain coat just in case. Remember that it could be very windy at this time of year.

Electricity & adaptors
Current: 220-240 V
Plugs: Two prong plugs, types C, E and F

Health & safety considerations
Insurance provided by your incoming tour operator.


Final Tour Itinerary

Toulon / Le Pradet / Olbia (Hyères) / Giens peninsula / Porquerolles island / Hyères downtown / Toulon

Exact time and place of pick-up and drop-off will be 3 p.m. at the Toulon train station lobby. Your guide will hold a MEET signal in his hands, and a shuttle will be awaiting to take you to Port-Cros National Park.

Accomodations during the trip will consist of 3 nights in single room and 1 night in twin room (cottage).




Basic greetings:

English French
Hello Bonjour
Good evening Bonsoir
Goodbye Au revoir
See you tomorrow A demain
Please S’il vous plaît
Excuse me / sorry Excusez-moi / pardon
Thank you Merci beaucoup
You’re welcome De rien
Have a good day Bonne journée
Enjoy your meal Bon appétit
Cheers Santé


Introducing yourself:

English French
Hello, my name is… Bonjour, je m’appelle…
What is your name? Comment vous appelez-vous?
How are you? Comment allez-vous?
Nice to meet you A demain
I come from Italy, Spain, Germany.. Je viens d’Italie, d’Espagne,  d’Allemagne..