MEET Wild Animals between Sea & Mountains

Welcome to Mercantour National Park

We sincerely appreciate your participation in this test tour. Please enjoy your visit to Mercantour National Park and use this page as a guide with all the practical information you might need during your stay. Thank you!



Download final tour itinerary and program, and further details here.

FRANCE_MERCANTOUR_Claude Gouron 1 vallées roya bevera

(C) Glaude Gouron


Visa requirements

No Visa for France if you come from Italy, Spain and Germany. Please check the information with the French Embassy in your contry as well as the validity of your passport or ID.

Currency in France (and all the European Union) is EuroGoogle Currency Converter

Weather Conditions
Average temperatures during this period are around 14 degrees celcius. Forecast by

Clothing tips

See detailed itinerary

Electricity & adaptors
Current: 220-240 V
Plugs: Two prong plugs, types C, E and F

Health & safety considerations
Insurance provided by your incoming tour operator.

MercantourNP©  Pierre_Commenville_

(C) Pierre Commenville



Please organise your pick-up, drop off and transfers with the local tour operator, Destination Merveilles.



Basic greetings:

English French
Hello Bonjour
Good evening Bonsoir
Goodbye Au revoir
See you tomorrow A demain
Please S’il vous plaît
Excuse me / sorry Excusez-moi / pardon
Thank you Merci beaucoup
You’re welcome De rien
Have a good day Bonne journée
Enjoy your meal Bon appétit
Cheers Santé

Introducing yourself:

English French
Hello, my name is… Bonjour, je m’appelle…
What is your name? Comment vous appelez-vous?
How are you? Comment allez-vous?
Nice to meet you A demain
I come from Italy, Spain, Germany.. Je viens d’Italie, d’Espagne,  d’Allemagne..

Commitment to responsible tourism

Destination Merveilles  partnered with the Parc National de Mercantour and Parcs National de France to put into value their commitment to responsible tourism through:

– A responsible observation of animals in the wild
– An engagementof professionals in sustainable tourism and the quality of service
– The discovery of the natural and cultural heritage of the Alpes-Maritimes area and the French Riviera – including the use of public transport to travel
– A promotion of local producers and production
– The awareness of tourists to natural areas and their protection
– Increased use of soft mobility (walking, etc.) to discover the territory

FRANCE_MERCANTOUR_Claude Gouron 2 vallées roya bevera

(C) Glaude Gouron (above & feature image)