Stitches of time blended in Nature

Retrace 20,000 years of history that shaped nature and culture on the inspiring Mediterranean island of Malta. Engage in a myriad of hands on activity on 3 different islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino, that will bring you closer to nature and get you to contribute to the conservation of protected areas that are home to various endemic species found only in the Maltese Islands. Camp throughout the 7 day journey and explore nature with the least possible environmental impact through horse-riding, cycling, trekking and explore the sea surrounding the islands onboard traditional fishing boats and its rich marine life through guided snorkelling tours.

Majjistral Nature & History Park

Malta, at the crossroads of civilizations, is a small island like nowhere else in the world, gracefully balancing the conservation of its cultural, historic and natural heritage. The Majjistral National Park is a unique natural area stretching along a beautiful coastline and sustaining important flora and fauna. This site has been declared a Special Area of Conservation of International Importance also encompasses a number of historical landmarks from the British military presence, and archaeological traces, as well as ancient agricultural settings.

Ride horses along the Golden Cliffs and open the doors of time in the Ħaġar Qim Temples, the world’s oldest free standing Megalithic temple, designed to observe the change of the seasons, based on the position of sunbeams passing through small holes carved in the stones, and stroll along a botany trail through this UNESCO World Heritage site overlooking the sea. Learn how dwarf hippos evolved in the islands, becoming extinct with the arrival of early humans. Set sail to the neighbor islands of Gozo and Comino and embark on a breathtaking Mediterranean landscape experience, discovering cliff-side caves, watching shearwaters swooping to their nests, and finish the day swimming in the calm waters of the Blue Lagoon.

Blend into the evening hours of the medieval walled town of M’dina -the Silent City, to simply indulge in the whispering of 10,000 years of cultural legacy.

By participating in this tour you will be part of a small group contributing to the development of a new ecotourism concept which aims to support conservation and benefit the local communities… all away from mass-tourism destinations.

Il Majjistral Nature & History Park: The Protected Area

The Majjistral Nature & History Park comprises important habitats such as coastal cliffs, boulder screes, garigue and sand dunes. It is home to 12 breeding bird species and over 450 species of plants, some of them endemic or rare. The park is managed by the union of 3 NGOs that formed the Heritage Parks Federation. Together, they work to conserve and manage the area.

The MEET Project in Il Majjistral Nature & History Park


Il Majjistral Nature and History Park actively involves local communities, cooperatives and service providers in the management of the park and associated tourism activities. The MEET project has a significant impact in making more tourists and locals aware of the Park, through financing conservation and environmental education programs. It has supported new sign boards and restoration of degraded areas.


Before you depart, please consider the following:

Visa requirements

No Visa for Malta if you come from European countries. Please check the information with the Maltese Embassy in your country as well as the validity of your passport or ID.


Currency in Malta (and all the European Union) is EuroGoogle Currency Converter

Weather Conditions

Weather is expected to be hot and sunny. Check the forecast here.

Clothing tips

Appropriate clothing and other suggested equipment include: summer clothes, sunscreen, comfortable sport shoes (suitable for rugged terrain), cap, sunglasses, swimsuit, warm jacket at night.


An insurance covering each participant during transportation and all activities which are part of the program, is provided. Participants are also advised to take out their own personal travel insurance.

Health and safety

The UV index is very high in Summer. Please ensure you have adequate sun protection.


Plug type G

The Type G electrical plug has three rectangular blades in a triangular pattern and has an incorporated fuse.


Tour Itinerary

Download Provisional Program Itinerary.


Subject to change, depending on arrival time. Please organise your arrival and departure transfer directly with Trevor Zahra, your local tour operator (


Camping Site, Ghajn Tuffieha



Basic greetings:

English Maltese
Hello Hello; Bonġu (for morning)
Good evening Il-Filgħaxija t-tajjeb
Goodbye Saħħa
See you tomorrow Narak għada
Please Jekk jogħġbok
Excuse me / sorry Skużani/Sorry
Thank you Grazzi
You’re welcome Merħba
Have a good day Il-ġurnata t-tajba
Enjoy your meal L-ikla t-tajba
Cheers Cheers


Introducing yourself:

English Maltese
Hello, my name is… Bonġu, jien jisimni
What is your name? X’jismek?
How are you? Kif int?
Nice to meet you Għandi pjaċir
I come from Italy, Spain, Germany.. Jien ġej minn l-Italja, Spanja, Ġermanja…
(Jiena gejja minn L-Italja,… – For a woman

Thank-you and enjoy your MEET experience!