Cedars and Faces of Phoenicia

Welcome to Al Shouf and Tyre Coast Nature Reserves

We sincerely appreciate your participation on this test tour. Please enjoy your visit to Al Shouf Biosphere Reserve and Tyre Coast Nature Reserve. You can use this page as a guide and reference with all the practical information you might need during your stay. Thank you!

On the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon is a very diverse and green country. Join us in a 7 days trip to discover the land of the Phoenicians. Meet the local people in the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, who contribute to the protection of the last cedar forests, symbol of Lebanon. Hike the forests of the trees that made the Phoenician culture possible. Prepare a delicious Lebanese meal with locally produced provisions.

Also learn how our ancestors built their boats for fishing, trading and sea-faring in Tyre Coast Nature Reserve. Try to spot the endangered sea turtles, and spend a day in the local fishermen boat enjoying fishing techniques and snorkeling to find the underwater archeological remains of Tyre.


Al Shouf Biosphere Reserve

The largest of Lebanon nature reserves, Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve stretches from Dahr Al-Baidar in the north to Niha Mountain in the south. Blanketed with oak forests on its northeastern slopes and juniper and oak forests on its southeastern slopes the reserve’s most famous attractions are its three magnificent cedar forests of Maasser Al-Shouf , Barouk and Ain Zhalta – Bmohary in addition to Fakhreddine fortress in Niha. From the summit of the rugged mountains, visitors will have a panoramic view of the countryside, eastward to the Beqa’a Valley, Ammiq wetland and Qaraoun Lake, and westward toward the Mediterranean.

The cedar forests of Lebanon enjoy the unique distinction as the oldest documented forests in history. The cedars were featured prominently in the earliest written records of the Sumerians dating from the third millennium BC. The Epic of Gilgamesh describes the cedar forests of Lebanon as being “one thousand leagues long and one thousand leagues wide”.

Tyre Coast Nature Reserve

Tyre Coast Nature Reserve (TCNR) is located immediately south of city of Tyre. The Reserve is the biggest and most beautiful remaining sandy beach in Lebanon. It is characterized by its ecological, marine and coastal ecosystem. In addition, it is an important nesting site for migratory birds and the threatened sea turtles.

The lands constituting TCNR, amount to an area of 380 ha divided into three zones: Tourism zone, Agricultural and Archeological zone and Conservation zone. The reserve strives to achieve conservation and sustainable use through allowing use of the resources in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

The natural reserve contains fresh water estuaries and springs that outflow to the sea thus creating a fresh/ marine water interface. Both visitors and scientists recognize it as one of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in Lebanon, with the widest biodiversity.


Before you depart, please, take the time to take this considerations into account:

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Weather Conditions
Expected weather conditions: Minimal around 17° – maximal 28° (according the temperature average). Forecast by Weather.com

Clothing tips
Appropriate clothing and other suggested equipment include: spring/summer clothes, comfortable sport shoes, cap, sunglasses, swimsuit, warm jacket at night, light rain coat just in case. Sun protection.

Electricity & adaptors
Current: 220-240 V
Plugs: Types A, C, D and G

Health & safety considerations
Insurance provided by your incoming tour operator.


Final Tour Itinerary

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