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Welcome to Cevennes National Park

We sincerely appreciate your participation in this test tour. Please enjoy your visit to Cevennes National Park and use this page as a guide with all the practical information you might need during your stay. Thank you!


Causses and Cevennes territoiry have both been registered in the UNESCO world heritage list since June 2011 for its cultural mediterranean agro-pastoral’s landscape.

In this only french national park in the mid-montain zone, between Mount Lozere and Cevenoles valleys, where you can find livestock farmers, who have always tried their hardest to maintain the environmental balance of the area. Especially because of this rare inhabited area, where nature and humans live in harmony, the Cevennes National Parc earned the special UNESCO distinction of “World Biosphere Reserve” in 1985.

In association with a famous Head Chef, we offer the possibility for you to discover step by step a diversity of granite, schist and limestone landscapes, as well as to taste our delicious typical dishes.

Cevennes National Park: The Protected Area

MEET in Cevennes National Park The National park of the Cévennes is recognized for the wealth of its biodiversity, but also for its local culture and its human activities. It is so for that reason that he was classified “Reserve of biosphere” by the UNESCO in 1985.

The package suggests to discover all these heritages, and to meet local actors who, by their work, participate in the management of the protected areas. The objective of the trails is to discover the fauna, the flora and the spectacular landscapes of the National park, also registered on the UNESCO world heritage list. The environmental awareness of guides and the work of the local actors met during the tour will highlight the wealth of the natural and cultural heritages met. You will learn about their fragility, and the necessity of assuring their protection.

Wine growers, cooks and farmers will demonstrate how to put into value the natural resources of the territory. They adopt sustainable practices for their use, producing raw materials in a natural and sustainable way, respecting organic farming standards. They are responsible and profoundly concerned about the conservation of these heritages. The National park supports local actors who contribute to the conservation of natural heritage.

Commitment to responsible tourism

Cevennes Evasion Voyages Nature is a member of Cevennes Ecotourism association and are signatories of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (step II) in partnership with Cévennes national Park, as is the Hôtel des Gorges du Tarn, the Adonis restaurant, Cévennes farm and les Bateliers de la Malène. Since January, Cévennes Evasion Voyages Nature is signatory of step III of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism.



Before you depart, please take these considerations into account:

Visa requirements

No Visa for France if you come from Italy, Spain and Germany. Please check the information with the French Embassy in your contry as well as the validity of your passport or ID.

Currency in France (and all the European Union) is EuroGoogle Currency Converter

Weather Conditions
Average temperatures during this period are around 14 degrees celcius. Forecast by Weather.com

Clothing tips
Appropriate clothing and other suggested equipment include: spring clothes, comfortable sport shoes, cap, sunglasses, warm jacket at night, light rain coat just in case. Remember that it could be very windy and fresh at high altitudes.

Electricity & adaptors
Current: 220-240 V
Plugs: Two prong plugs, types C, E and F

Health & safety considerations
Insurance provided by your incoming tour operator.


Final Tour Itinerary

Download final tour itinerary and program here.

The arrival of guests is to Montpelier airport around 10am of the day 1. Exact time and place of pick-up and drop-off should be organised with the local tour operator.

All transports across Cevennes national Park included, by minibus.


HOTEL*** DES GORGES DU TARN. Mireille et Martial Paulet welcoming you in their relaxing and peaceful place, with the known quality of “Logis de France”


You will try typical dishes such as suckling lamb from limestone plateaus, goat’s cheese and chustnuts from Cevennes, veal from Lozere mount and trout from local rivers…



Basic greetings:

English French
Hello Bonjour
Good evening Bonsoir
Goodbye Au revoir
See you tomorrow A demain
Please S’il vous plaît
Excuse me / sorry Excusez-moi / pardon
Thank you Merci beaucoup
You’re welcome De rien
Have a good day Bonne journée
Enjoy your meal Bon appétit
Cheers Santé


Introducing yourself:

English French
Hello, my name is… Bonjour, je m’appelle…
What is your name? Comment vous appelez-vous?
How are you? Comment allez-vous?
Nice to meet you A demain
I come from Italy, Spain, Germany.. Je viens d’Italie, d’Espagne,  d’Allemagne..