Photo: Appennino Lucano National Park

Taste of the Seasons

Welcome to Appennino Lucano National Park

We sincerely appreciate your participation in this test tour. Please enjoy your visit to Appennino Lucano National Park and use this page as a guide and reference with all the practical information you might need during your stay. Thank you!

Appennino Lucano, the youngest national park of Italy, offers a full natural and cultural immersion, walking trails through forests and the archaeological area of ​​Grumentum.

Guests will move via trekking and guided tours by ecobus to frame this scenic cultural and gastronomic route.

Interact with the local people during visits to the villages of Viggiano and Pignola; get involved directly in cooking workshops and a concert performed by the Harp of Viggiano. You will have opportunities to support local initiatives of crafts, typical food and wine of the area.

By participating in this tour you will be part of the development of a new sustainable travel concept, a small group, supporting the National Park and benefiting the local communities… away from mass-tourism destinations.

Appennino Lucano: The Protected Area

The main objective of the MEET Project in Appennino Lucano protected area is to develop an integrated strategy for an Eco-Tourism Development Model for the Mediterranean Protected Areas that boosts a better seasonal distribution of tourism flows, starting from the “European Charter for Sustainable Tourism” approach, through the establishment of a network of Protected Areas.

Appennino Lucano offers a package characterized by the perfect combination of typical food and wine, traditions, heritage and historical monuments and natural beauty of the area.

The idea is to let the tourist live, at any time of the year, and in just 4 days, a unique experience involving the different senses: the taste, of typical products in the Park, of the highest quality, but also touch, hearing and smell, making them live in close contact with nature, visit historical sites or hear the sound of the Arpa Viggiano, an ancient, extremely elegant instrument.


Before you depart, please, take these considerations into account:

Visa Requirements
No Visa for Italy if you come from France, Spain and Germany. Please check the information with the Italian Embassy in your contry as well as the validity of your passport or ID.

Currency in Italy (and all the European Union) is EuroGoogle Currency Converter

Weather Conditions
Variable weather with clouds and sunny intervals.

Temperature: min. 11°C – max. 21°C

Forecast by

Clothing tips
Appropriate clothing and other suggested equipment include: spring clothes, comfortable sport shoes, cap, sunglasses, warm jacket at night, light rain coat just in case.

Electricity & adaptors
Current: 220-240 V
Plugs: Two prong plugs, types C, E and F

Health & safety considerations
It is recommended that participants take out their own personal travel insurance.

If you have any health problems, it is strongly recommended to carry a document with the description of the health problems, with an English translation.

The assistance of the Tour Leader is guaranteed for the entire duration of the trip.


Final Tour Itinerary
Participants will receive the final tour itinerary on arrival

Arrival & Transportation
3rd June 2015:

17:00 – transfer from Naples to Appennino Lucano National Park

4th June 2015:

10:30 – Transfer from Naples to Appennino Lucano National Park

Hotel accommodation (single or shared room depending on the participant request):

Kiris Hotel – Villa d’Agri (PZ)

Fattoria Sotto il Cielo – Pignola (PZ)

Food & Shopping
You will have the opportunity to taste products typical of the area, and buy local crafts, food and wine.

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Basic greetings:

English Italian
Hello Ciao!
Good evening Buona sera
Goodbye Arrivederci
See you tomorrow A domani
Please Per favore
Excuse me / sorry Mi scusi / mi dispiace
Thank you Grazie
You’re welcome Prego
Have a good day Buona giornata!
Enjoy your meal Buon appetito!
Cheers Salute!

Introducing yourself:

English Italian
Hello, my name is… Ciao, mi chiamo…
What is your name? Come ti chiami?
How are you? Come stai?
Nice to meet you Piacere di conoscerti
I come from Italy, Spain, Germany.. Sono francese, spagnolo, tedesco…


Last but not least, please take a moment to view the customer satisfaction questionnaire which you will be required to fill out as a condition of participation in the tour. Please note that we will send you a personalised link via email – please use this to register your responses. You may begin working on the responses during the trip if you have time, and we ask that you complete it fully within one week of the tour ending. Thank-you and enjoy your MEET experience!